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QuickBooks Remote Access -Overview

QuickBooks remote access tool is a facility that enables the user to have QuickBooks access and work even without an Internet connection. You can easily have access to QuickBooks, email, programs, documents, etc. from anywhere and anytime.

Use QuickBooks Remote Access:

Once the Remote Access tool is set up the next thing is to use it. Use the below steps

  • First Launch the Web browser on the remote computer & then log into your account on the QB Remote Access Website
  • Check the box where you have given ‘Computer Nickname’ and press ‘Connect.’
  • Now authorize the desktop with the password or phone authentication. When the remote tool calls & prompts for a passcode, then enter the passcode on the phone.
  • Click on ‘Remote access’ drop-down menu and select on ‘End QuickBooks Remote Access Session’ once the session is complete.

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